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Buying shoes online – don’t do it to yourself

I have been banned from buying shoes online by the resident Frenchman. Why? Because I have had to return 5 pairs over the years, because they NEVER EVER FIT. And then I end up paying extra for postage and more recently, experience anxiety because I worry that they won’t fit.

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A stock picture of a KitchenAid Food Chopper

KitchenAid Food Chopper: This really should be called the “Pestomancer 3000”

Product: KitchenAid Food Chopper

A stock picture of a KitchenAid Food Chopper

I basically wanted something that made pesto but without the bulk of a food processor, mostly due to not wanting to lug something giant out of the cupboard every time I needed it. I came across the food chopper and thought I’d try it and for $139, it was more affordable than a lot of the bigger food processors.

Anyway, it does a great job with pesto, though, you should probably buy pre-grated Parmesan, and it wasn’t overly happy with the giant chunk that I put in there to begin with. I also tried grating cheddar in it, and it kind of turned it into a gross paste that might come out of a can in the US.

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Wondoflex Yarn and Craft Centre

After my issues with Lincraft, I tried this place

A lady from there rang me after I had placed my order and told me that didn’t have the dye lot that I requested but had another that was very similar. As I am newish to knitting, she helped me ascertain that I was using the right ply etc.

Customer service that has years of experience with genuine want to help. Amazing!  Also the prices were lower than other places, and postage was cheap and fast.

NoteMaker: Consistently Good

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is the third order that I have placed with you (the first was before I created an account I think) and each time I have ordered with you, I have been impressed by the order status update communications, and the speed with which you dispatch and deliver the items.

Each item that I have received from you (some Noodlers Ink and a notebook – stationary porn!) have both been of the highest quality

Queenspark Fashion – Alexandria Store

Having bought a dress for a wedding about 3 months ago, I finally got around to buying matching shoes for it, tried the outfit on and realised that I looked like I was on my way to a funeral. This unfortunately was the day before the wedding.

I remembered that Queenspark was just around the corner from my house, so went there in the morning, about 4 hours before I had to leave for the wedding to find an emergency-last-minute dress.

I am pleased to report that the sales lady there was WONDERFUL. Not only did she do the usual “Do you need another size?” thing, but also made honest, helpful comments about all of the 20 dresses that I tried on. I don’t want to be told that I look fantastic in everything that I try on, because its just not true, and comes across as being rather disingenuous. She even laughed when I informed her that I looked like a fat elf in one of the dresses that I tried on.

In the end, I settled on a dress, the only problem being that the straps for it sat very slightly above my shoulders (stiff material). The woman very helpfully gave me directions to an alteration place down the road who would fix it cheaply and quickly.

With this kind of customer service, I will certainly shop at Queenspark for all other formal needs.

Internode’s customer service is a breath of fresh air

In short, I had troubles calling some numbers (13xxxx; Australian local rate) from my Internode-provided VoIP line.
I opened an issue about this on a Sunday, in late afternoon.

Less than half an hour later, they called me directly to run some tests, but I missed that. When I ringed them back, seeing I was calling from my mobile, they offered to call back.

After a couple of tests, they identified the problem, and tracked the cause down to a misconfiguration (some numbers were prefixed to the dialled ones; my fault, I’m afraid) in my router (a Fritz!Box, almost certainly the best piece of home network gear I’ve ever had), and guided me through the process of fixing it (deactivating “Adjust Number Format” features in “Telephony/Own Telephone Numbers”).

Problem fixed in less than an hour, on a Sunday evening. Internode’s customer service is great. This is a very refreshing change as compared to the others usually described here in less than flattering terms.

BigWarehouse Spares: Positive

Our washing machine isn’t doing a proper spin-cycle – it just kinds of wobbles around slowly like a geriactric lost on the way home from the bingo.

After much research and staring at the base of the washing machine, I determined that the drive belt was loose, as it did’nt make a ‘ping’ noise when I plucked on it.

Deciding that this was was indeed the source of our problems, I looked on the interwebs everywhere to replace this part.

Eventually I stumbled upon BigWarehouse Spares which has the most user friendly seach of all the sites. They also happened to have some evidence that our washing machine did actually exist (it is an older model) and even had some parts for it.

Though they didn’t have the exact part that I needed, I emailed them. Within the hour, I received not one, but three emails from them, updating me on their search for the part. The third email detailed the link to their site where I could purchase the item.

A positive experience indeed. Though lets hope that it was the loose drive shaft making the spin cycle go so slowly.